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  1. How much will it cost to decorate my room?


    All projects and properties are different so it is difficult to say how much it will cost. That is why I offer a free, no obligation quote. I will view your property and listen to all your requirements and then take the time to give you a full estimate of the costs involved so you can make the best decision.


    Does your quote include materials?


    Yes all quotes will include materials, unless we have agreed otherwise.


    How long will the work take?


    This is a difficult question to answer as all projects are different. When providing you with a quote I will always give you an estimated work schedule.


    Can I reduce costs?


    Ideally don't have carpet down. If you are renovating, have the decorating done before the carpet is fitted. If you already have carpet down, if it’s possible to temporarily remove it, that would be advantageous. If there's no floor to protect it means I can complete the job faster and for less money.


    Do you hang wallpaper?


    Yes I do hang wallpaper, please get in touch for a quote.


    Should I choose retail or trade paint?


    Trade paint is superior quality no matter what the brand name. I would be happy to buy the paint on your behalf as I am often able to purchase it at a more competitive price. This also takes away the guesswork of what type and finish of paint to choose.


    Will you use designer paints such as Farrow and Ball or Little Green Paint Company?


    Yes I can use more exclusive or designer paints if you wish and would be happy to discuss your requirements. However please be aware that there is likely to be an additional cost involved as these paints often need additional coats to achieve the desired finish.


    Do I need to remove my furniture?


    The room will need to be cleared of all possessions and ideally the furniture would be removed too. I am able to help move furniture as an additional service. I will of course cover floors and any furniture left with dust sheets. The work area will be kept tidy and a thorough clean up will take place when the job is complete.


    What do I need to do before you arrive?


    Consider cleaning switches and sockets, particularly if there is to be a drastic colour change or I can do this and it will be included in your quote. Remove curtains and blinds if you can.


    Are you insured?


    I have full public liability insurance up to a value of £10 million.


    What areas do you cover?


    I am based in Colchester and cover the surrounding area, North Essex and Suffolk. I am also available for projects in London.


    Do you have any references?


    I have 25 years of experience and many happy customers. I would be delighted to arrange for one of them to speak to you. Or you could read my testimonials page.


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